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Fidget Cube Pack about the future of the little mamma, although not with her too, but also to understand her temperament, the moment is not empty ceremony to decline. Because the relationship between Zhang Ma, Xuanji Zhao brother on the new recognition of a good impression, three people talk and laugh while the atmosphere harmonious. Look at the two topics to slowly turn to the topic. Xuanji excuse tired fidget cube pack to leave. Not averted, but do not want to listen to too many complex events. So upset. Ji Jian Shen fidget cube pack is not forced, but fidget cube net told not allowed to sleep late, and so also to eat, to meet your Zhao Ersao, is your old acquaintance. Yi Rong medicine I have, may wish to face the capacity to go, lest She does not know you. Xuanji curious My acquaintance Who Ji see Shen poke her face Wait for the next to know, obediently go. What to sell off it Xuanji flat mouth obedient to the church soaked salt water attaining. Fortunately, this medicine is also simple, or so what is easy to look at capacity to restore the really sick of the. Ji see carefully left her back, in the eyes of the Heat fleeting. Want to let her meet with the enemy only one of the reasons happy, fidget cube pack more importantly, he would like to tonight t.l there be danger Wansu and laughed small things, chaos party has been monitored, the troops to go only be prepared. Xuanji thought or do not trust, called blue clear blue clear, to Zhao 11 took two light crossbow and a lot of bolt, to the million and to him to take. Wansu and smiled and agreed to bid farewell to the Xuanji to join the chapter long bow. Zhang bow has been waiting for the official yamen is the main hall, met with the million and, could not help whispered My God, you this guy, how do not tell me that the three female dependents in the queen even in case I accidentally neglect What can she do Zhang Changgong earlier this morning hesitated to leave which cronies fidget cube fidget cube in charge of the seal is more appropriate letter, cronies he has plenty of this can be a rare opportunity to counter the meritorious service, so who miss the heart will have ideas, and heard only Smile, the proposal to Xuanji in charge, but also revealed the identity of Xuanji and he knew. After the rebellion, Xuanji will restore identity into the Nanjing Anding people, if only then to tell Zhang Changgong her identity, would be his complaint, so simply now with his voice. Zhang bow self government off.

u Princess looked at his son, sure he did not deceive himself, and my heart was shocked, mind a few turn, and if so, that adoptive things really feasible Such a thought, she was pleased to have shaking hands, as if the ears have heard the little boy milk sound milk gas to call their grandmother, daughter so generous, even told her make life difficult for it, it should not ah For other women, a rare birth heirs, even if no chance to ascend to the throne, whatever the outcome is a high above the prince, certainly do not want fidget cube desk toy his son to adopt the life and fidget cube pack death over Then read a thought, Wu Princess anxious Oh Xuanji is still Ningjing, separated with his son so far, if there is an accident, this little grandson how students can come out. Besides this daughter in law gave birth to their own gas, anti mouth is not the son of adoptive, it can be how to do ah Wu Princess quickly grabbed his son and said Well, my son a few days to the Long River border patrols, , Reward Navy side army, must take the opportunity to bring her back. What the way You child, mother does not know you Like your father, like a heart Wu Princess is now feeling very, very good, all of a sudden as young as t.d Great devil dream to fidget cube pack hear the voice of a small turtle whimper, her eyes open to her body lying on hold, softly asked how Uncomfortable uncomfortable I I am all the body uncomfortable, and hungry pain and acid you are a bad guy Ooo, do not know I am not deliberately do not write to you, Things, I was very tired ah Ooo, you are a little ghost Small turtles flash floods on the spot. Looked at the Xuanzi exposed in the quilt outside the shoulder and neck blooming blossoming red and purple, Ji fidget cube pack Jian Shen began to feel regret. Although the small turtle is not obedient, but has become accustomed to become fidget cube with different colors accustomed to their own so enjoy the food, do not know her temper to make it long To turn the small turtle turn, he would also coax hard to go back, it is clear that she left the door put themselves in the back, even her health can not be more can not be punished. Who just happens to like her Accidental wayward bad temper, unreasonable and heartless had no choice but to endure. To say that they are comfortable, and her pain was really hungry with their own wrong. The great devil sighed, took a handkerchief for her clean tears, coax said What.Altar holy holy left on the altar, in fidget cube shop addition to red home, red home and fate of the people. Idle people simply can not close the fidget cube pack entrance to the altar fidget cube where to buy at stores on the secret road. However, after all, the red home was found by a local Hao family traces. This household Hao surname Yue, which is later the royal family of Yue. Yue family has a young son skilled master of the number of life, he seduced a red home entropy female, deceive her ancestors ashes to seal the altar on the specific position, with the holy holy gas to change the home air, Yue family all the way to sit big The establishment of the fidget cube set country. The name of the son of fidget cube pack the ancestral home in fidget cube pack the ancestral ashes on top of the hands and feet, resulting in the red home of the Akashi know the altar passive hands and feet, but can not remove the ashes, and even in addition to Yue family. No one can destroy the altar. Affect the number of Yue family. Red family consciously unworthy fidget cube pink of the holy king, who committed a big mistake to red after the daughter of the entreaties suicide. Red family moved out of Chisheng Hill, vowed fidget cube pack revenge Yue family. But Yue family at this time has been different, the two mutual vendetta, hatred more.

Fidget Cube Pack es, directly began to disarm the equipment. Small turtle body, he is more familiar than her own, anxious and strong teasing her every sensitive, and soon fidget cube where to buy felt her fidget cube toy soften and tame. This is only a small tortoise people ah, Ji Jian Shen sigh with her hug more tightly, began to accelerate the rhythm of attack. After the lingering, small turtle big temper, crying very sad You fidget cube pack you say you do not want me, and, again to me, you are a bad guy When will I say no to you Plus more of Kazakhstan, enough to have 4000 words. Big devil thieves do not eat rice, hee hee. Take Joe is a small turtle patent, he would dare to take Joe, waiting to eat Yaba Kui. Exhausted, we hand the votes are donated to encourage me. Life long Covenant First leave 30, 31, I went to a friend s house, it is fidget cube pack estimated that can not come back to update, and June 1 to return to normal Kazakhstan. User hand to play the text update top cover run. PS The following chapter is to fill 29 days. Men get satisfied, the general mood is good, especially good to speak. Small turtle was eating dry wipe, feel self esteem suffered, especially bad to speak. The devil is that she can easily move to the, swing it.ning. Simply take advantage of this opportunity to make it clear. I am glad you are willing to rely on me, and I am glad you continue to be so lazy and stupid to keep me in the side, but every time you think of your ability, You will feel pity I think if you are willing to work a little positive, do not know how badly. You want to coax me to work for you Xuanji shrink in the quilt urn urn airway. I admit I want you to do things for me, but even if you do not help, things will still be done.I do not want you as a pet in the palace, I think you are happy, live more positive, I remember your letter in the starry valley to me, you think so much, why would rather close in the heart rotten You tell me that type printing, said the waterwheel, said that the waterwheel, said the waterwheel, Grafting technology when the eyes sparkling, so I think I am the world s most intelligent woman Xuanji. Alright alright. Xuanji admitted that he was impressed, and saw the forced prostitution, not seen forced into the turtle. In front of the man actually fidget cube pack rare to want to be a woman with him, not the client, since he so highly of her, and then shamelessly seems a bit not very good

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