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Fidget Cube Red oo bad Zhao Jian Shen looked at his son, said fidget cube red In the final analysis is not the king, far from the ceremony, the king back to send, custody so far satisfied. Zhao Siyuan happy and embarrassed, whispered Thank you, father. Zhao Jian Shen did not answer, Xuanji on smiling authentic You should thank me for it, put half of your red packets for the Xie Li good, I do not greedy. Zhao Siyuan stared at her, fidget cube red said money you asked his father to, is the father will not want to give you Xuanji hum does not answer, turn the topic. Many years later, Zhao Siyuan Deng Dabao, rich world, will still occasionally think of the scene of the day, will not help but feel the small cross Xuan Xuan sent in the heart secretly Fu Huang, I really satisfied, only the same, But you will never give me. Long time ago fidget cube official to see the Hong Kong film to listen to this story about the pig, vaguely remember that Sammo Hung to fidget cube desk toy coax the woman laugh, change a bit on here. This thing was written very early on my birthday last year, my mother gave me a red envelope, said fidget cube red to me I want what to buy. I do not know why the thought fidget cube video of this story, said to my mother to listen to her Happy. END.the tribute, Aroma quiet different mundane Wen Tai Fei restrained smile, forced to proudly said This is the boss fidget cube toy of the big easy to personally tune out Need fragrance, saying that the world is only two boxes, not to mention the market can not buy, is the tribute, I am afraid it is difficult to find with them Comparable to it Gutai Fei laughed If the Queen has such a powerful Big Brother, the Palace could not try such a good thing, the Queen is a filial heart, so rare baby, even gave us a few old woman Hey You have just come from the Lu Tai Fei over there, she did not give you see her rouge, Gee A box of rouge as much as fidget cube where to buy at stores 100 kinds of color, shades of different characteristics, can reconcile each other to reconcile the new color, Colorful, but also easy to do out of print by hand the boss Yinglan face from fidget cube red the green fidget cube red to black, no wonder just Lu Tai Fei they received their own ceremony will smile so strange, the original buy their own land, but is a high level products easy to use, but the boss personally limited use of goods modulation Her life frustrated by the frustration of not more than today Ceremony is not to send a shot, and Yinglan do not want to wait.

did not choose to look better start Ningguo border, but the direct troops in a day between the Jianguo border 15 mountain village, wherever he goes, leaving a living, looting an empty immediately after the fire village. These villages scattered in the country border between the mountains. Each fidget cube red village population is not much. Probably in the size of hundreds of people around. The border guards will find ambiguously sent to ambush. Sent to six teams were all killed. 1 00 do not know the purpose of the country. Had to strengthen the pass defense teeth. And then dare not lightly dispatched personnel to go out. However, the army will be close to the village after the raids. But suddenly no sound. People can not figure out what their intentions. Division officials secretly glad that the day the emperor did not have the chips are betting on the Ningguo border. Or fidget cube toys run into the country so do not play cards by the brand to style. Accidentally by their mountains and rivers directly into the Ji are possible. The capital of the palace of Yue. Yue Yong hold a concubine. While listening to drinking Li Gonggong read the front generals back to the military newspaper. When I heard a total.t these women are smart people, give them to do these fidget cube on the news things, for them is a good opportunity, as long as they have the opportunity to get out of their own small world. To their vision and ambition. They will not be willing to go back to those palace mansion fight to fight to the fidget cube red end but still look at the days of men face. Ning Xue actually looking for is really looking for, and this woman was the prince around the female Xiang Zhuge, the first counselor. She s joining. Down for the Xuanji province a lot of effort. Only million and is still on the Prince of Xiang was killed in the case of the mother of Xuanji heart, associated with a series of Xiang Prince also no good impression, Xuan Ji persuaded a few times before giving up. Think Xuanji mother killed, Ning Xue is nothing more than a few years old little girl, then say that is not neat, insist even her blame on there is no reason. Ning Xue Although do not know the things that year, but also know that the million and his father and uncle Mu Wang no favor, coupled with the recent son of Prince Ning Jun and plot rebellion, the two of them to suppress even more fidget cube red severe. Had been in her husband s highly respected, because her.not right Sigh tone looked at the hands of the clothes into the Yi Qingyun side of the boulder, removed from the arms of the special pigeon to the brother to come to the upgraded version of Yung Rong Dan, pulled Xuanji to the side easy to accommodate. These Yi Rong Dan is Luo Yang produced, mild, Xuan Ji and Ji see cautious, looks extremely ordinary, but also does not like Yi Qingyun disfigured Dan as ugly, to escape the country Hunt, is a perfect fit. Dress up, Ji Jian Zheng color right Yiqing Qingyun said red leader later that this time, when you fidget cube price are really Xuanji, two people to discuss how to evade tracking, do not deliberately to pick Yue against the soldiers pursuing the attention. Yi Qingyun waved You know, but also with your winded. Xuanji not assured The big brother, that Yue is very powerful against it, and martial arts is high, you fidget cube red must be careful not to avoid playing with him face to face. Yi Qingyun nodded to see, or feel a little worried, turned to Ji Jian Shen said I am still worried about Big Brother to be safe. fidget cube red Ji Jianxiao smiled and said rest assured, since the closure of Yue inverse you do queen, should not bear to kill the killer. Obviously is laughing.

Fidget Cube Red while the big devil to climb the wall Not so Gouxue it Last night, consumption so much, even if he is not desperate to despair on the sake of ah Xuanji heart of ideas, for their own eight point file poisoning brain laughing endless. But wait for her in the Royal Garden to see a very good talk, a pair of men and women, some of the laughter does not come out. Ji see Jian smiled and stood next to a fidget cube antsy lab tree, an embroidered gold silk blue robes in the sun under his more lustful handsome, elegant fidget cube red and charming, surrounded by a beautiful girl Jiaoyi timid side first look With him, that obsessed with obsessed eyes idiot can see it Xuanji is considering what the attitude of the face of them, the blue side can not help but start first Biao Emperor, after, mother, mother, to Clarification clear, loud, straight pair of suspected male and female dogs and wait around the ladies fidget cube red eunuch all shocked. Xuanji worship looked blue and clear, two to take the red heart Woman, Hello Meng ah Hey Hey, do you think of the usefulness of the fruit plate Big devil has bitterness to eat, wow Kaka I have been kept out of Wu Princess, is to today ah Touch, monthly tickets over 100, I took the time to add more.ppetizers, but also had Appetite, take over the dishes together to eat up. Although not delicacies, but compared fidget cube set to the past more than a month of food taste better on too much, a small turtle in their own side. Sulking look more and more cute. Eat rice. Little turtle coaxed the big devil to sleep back to sleep, big devil coax to complete their own people have to start working. It was a matter of confidentiality that he arrived in Ninjing early. As is to grasp the opportunities, it seems from Ning Jun things, Ningjing is likely to have other forces of the spy, the most suspect is naturally Yue Yue. He did not arrive at the moment to the border of the country, he first came to the NING Jing things handled well, there is still time to calmly fidget cube red into the country side of the matter. He came all the way to come to Ningjing yesterday afternoon, only than the messenger sent to the Xuanji slow one hour, because the inconvenience of identity, only to find the million and took him into the palace. Wansu and see the others personally to his attitude that is quite satisfactory, no longer give him a trip, with his easy to Xuanji to the palace, this has been scared of the scene Xuanji. Pala.

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