How to Elevate Your Corporate Trip Experience in Atlanta

When most people think of a business trip, they’re not necessarily enthusiastic. Although a corporate trip will include a certain amount of work, understanding how to elevate your business travel can create a much more enjoyable experience.

From exploring new cities to enjoying local cuisine, use these travel tips to maximize your business trip. With Atlanta’s many incredible offerings, it’s not hard to transition from work to pleasure.

An excellent way to decrease stress and maximize your corporate trip is by scheduling corporate transportation in Atlanta.  From staying punctual to maximizing free time, corporate chauffeurs simplify your itinerary and allow you to remain present during the trip.

8 Ways to Elevate a Corporate Trip in Atlanta

Why hire a professional limo? When you go on a corporate trip only thinking about work, you’re potentially missing wonderful experiences. These eight ways of elevating your corporate trip in Atlanta will help you avoid getting bogged down by work while you travel.

#1: Finalize Your Itinerary Beforehand

If you’re visiting Atlanta for a conference or convention, there should be a set schedule before you arrive. Even if you’re just coming for a few meetings, clarifying your itinerary beforehand can help you identify pockets of time for exploration.

Review your schedule with your driver. That way, you can maximize free time and squeeze in fun activities between meetings.

#2: Research the Best Accommodations

Companies who schedule business trips for their employees may try to put you in a hotel near the airport or convention center. While these accommodations may be convenient, they typically won’t offer proximity to the best nightlife and dining scenes.

Schedule your own accommodations located near greater points of interest in the city to quickly elevate your corporate travel. Atlanta offers excellent options for executive travelers located near far more interesting sights and sounds than convention centers and airports.

#3: Extend Your Stay

Extending your stay by a day or two could allow you more free time for exploration. Research whether you are traveling during Atlanta’s many food and music festivals.

If your corporate trip overlaps with these events, consider staying to enjoy them. The excitement of a music festival might be just what you need to get through long, exhausting meetings.

#4: Pack Efficiently

Lugging tons of bags around the airport and through the city can get cumbersome quickly. For any corporate trip, it’s smart to pack minimally in as few bags as possible. Limiting your packing can smooth out the experience and shorten airport time.

#5: Plan Time for Recreation and Exploration

As you find pockets of free time in your schedule, budget these periods for recreation and exploration. These are the perfect times for classic Atlanta experiences like a Braves game or a trip to the Battery.

#6: Explore the Food Scene in Downtime

Atlanta enjoys a nationally renowned food scene that combines the pleasures of southern comfort food with elevated metropolitan cuisine. With so many top-rated restaurants, exploring the Atlanta food scene can easily fill your free time and your belly. Explore Atlanta’s downtown food scene to make the most of your corporate trip.

#7: Consider Bringing a Friend

Bringing a friend or close family member along could be the perfect addition to your business travel. Because Atlanta offers visitors so much, your companion can explore while you complete meetings and work tasks. Afterward, you both can have more fun by enjoying the city together.

#8: Schedule Professional Chauffeur Services

Scheduling professional chauffeur services throughout your stay in Atlanta maximizes your free time and convenience. Because you’ll have a schedule ahead of time, professional drivers stay on your time. As a result, these services are the best way to squeeze in additional activities that maximize your trip.

Elevate Your Corporate Travel Experience with a Professional Limo From May’s Limousine

While traveling for business, finding ways to enjoy the experience can create a more successful trip. Atlanta offers executive travelers many unique activities and sights to have fun on a business trip. Taking advantage of the city’s best experiences can help work-worn travelers stay efficient and be more productive.

Throughout your travel on a corporate trip, schedule rides ahead with May’s Limousine. Our luxury fleet of sedans, SUVs, limos, sprinter vans, and buses offers suitable accommodations for corporate groups of any size. Maintain your brand image while traveling hassle-free by booking our vehicles for your corporate trip in Atlanta.

For more helpful tips on how to maximize your corporate trip in Atlanta, call (404) 566-6114 and schedule professional limo services with May’s Limousine.


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