How To Choose a Trustworthy Employee Transport Service for Your Company

Planning group transportation for your company can seem like a hassle without the right resources. Fortunately, a private employee transport service can eliminate your worries with safe and reliable travel solutions. Professional chauffeurs from Atlanta’s trusted corporate transportation company discuss how you can simplify your next trip with the right team.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an Employee Transportation Service in Atlanta, GA

Choosing the right luxury transfer company is important, whether you need to arrange company transportation to a trade show or you want to impress your clients after they arrive at the airport. Maximizing passenger comfort and convenience can yield positive outcomes for your professional reputation. Unlike conventional rideshares, corporate shuttle service can also save you time and money on your trip.

Here are five tips you can use to ensure that you pick a trustworthy transportation service during your next company event.

1. Determine How Many Passengers to Accommodate

Do you manage a team of more than 10 employees? If the answer is “yes,” scheduling an Uber or Lyft is a waste of your time. Employee shuttle services can keep your entire party together without confusion. Additionally, you can schedule a ride well in advance so your team isn’t waiting curbside for public transportation.

Some private companies offer luxury stretch limousines that can accommodate up to 14 passengers. Others may offer shuttle buses and sprinters that carry up to 24 passengers.

Hiring a private employee transport service is an excellent way to centralize your expenses when it comes time for your event. You can avoid paying fees for multiple small vehicles by investing in transportation solutions — like an executive coach bus — that accommodate 50 or more passengers.

2. Decide Which Amenities You Need for the Trip

Many business professionals recommend transportation companies that offer a wide range of interior amenities. Your employees can enjoy a relaxing ride with all the luxuries they need within reach. Some of the most popular on-board accommodations these transportation companies provide include:

  • Plush seating (which may include reclining features)
  • Bar amenities and drinkware
  • Restroom utilities
  • Dynamic surround-sound speakers
  • Monitors for DVDs or streaming
  • Complimentary water
  • Cupholders
  • Beautiful window views
  • Individual AC control

You may require Wi-Fi access that allows you to work on the go. Always ask your chosen transportation company if these amenities cost extra. Some chauffeurs charge by use; others include them in the hourly package.

3. Explore Company Reviews

Always review online customer testimonials and ratings before you commit to an employee transport service. Reliable companies stand out with five-star reviews and positive feedback from past riders. Choose a company that has over a hundred positive ratings to be confident about your decision.

It’s also wise to keep an eye on negative reviews. For example, you may not want to schedule a ride with a company that receives multiple negative comments regarding their punctuality or cleanliness. You deserve to partner with a company who will put your team’s needs first.

4. Ask About Cancellation Policies

Sudden changes that affect your travel plan can occur at any moment. It’s important to have a contingency in place if you need to cancel or reschedule your group transportation. Ask your chosen transport company about their cancellation policies before you book a ride.

Trustworthy companies will offer honest and transparent information regarding their fees. Most require at least 48-hour notices of cancellation so they have time to create routes for other customers.

It’s common for private transportation companies to request:

  • A deposit before the ride
  • A signed contract confirming that you understand their policies
  • Other documents that may insure them in the event of a cancellation

5. Commit to a Pickup and Dropoff Location

Book your ride with a company that will pick you up anywhere. Experienced chauffeurs will arrive at your chosen destination before your scheduled time. This way, you and your employees can leave as soon as possible.

You can avoid public parking and long walks to the venue by asking your chauffeur to drop you off directly in front of the door. A reputable company will discuss any limitations they may have before you get on the road.

Partner With May’s Limousine for Outstanding Transportation Service

Are you ready to book trade show transportation for your entire staff? May’s Limousine is ready to provide world-class customer service in Atlanta year-round. Our professional chauffeurs have years of experience navigating challenging on-road conditions and getting passengers to their venues on time.

Contact May’s Limousine to learn more about employee transport services in Atlanta, GA. Schedule a ride at (404) 566-6114.


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