6 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Chauffeur in Atlanta

You shouldn’t trust just anybody when it comes to hiring a chauffeur for your next short or long-distance travel. Getting the most out of your experience means choosing a professional driver with years of experience and an excellent reputation for customer service.

Atlanta’s corporate transportation experts at May’s Limousine discuss six important questions to ask before reserving your ride.

Hiring a Chauffeur in Atlanta, GA | The Important Questions

Enlisting a personal driver for your next vacation, corporate event, or airport transfer is an excellent way to save time and money on your travel. Still, it can be easy to fall victim to surprise fees and dangerous on-road situations if you rush through the scheduling process. Take the time to ask your chosen transportation company these six questions to ensure a smooth trip:

1. Are Your Drivers Licensed and Insured?

Full-time drivers should have the licensing and insurance needed to provide safe transportation for you and your fellow passengers. In fact, Georgia law requires limo drivers to have a professional chauffeur permit along with a class-D driver’s license.

Additionally, you should expect your driver to have the proper licensing in other states, should your trip require you to cross borders. You can ask your chosen company for any evidence indicating that your chauffeur does not have a spotless driving record.

Don’t be afraid to ask about each driver’s level of training. Some professional chauffeurs are veteran drivers who used to work for government clients. They may have course training or other useful skills that will protect you on the road.

2. What Type of Vehicles Do You Have in Your Fleet?

Some luxury transportation companies only offer black cars SUVs, and sedans. Others include these vehicles, as well as limousines, shuttle vans, and charter buses. It’s worth asking for recommendations to find the right car for your needs.

Ask about how many seats each vehicle provides and which amenities they include. Some vehicles have integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, surround-sound entertainment, and other comfortable accommodations. On the other hand, it’s common to find black car services which only provide complimentary water and plush seating.

3. How Often Do You Maintain Your Vehicles?

Don’t assume that your chosen transportation company maintains its vehicles after every ride. It’s important to ask about general upkeep to ensure that you are safe on the road.

Discuss how often technicians clean the interiors and exteriors of these vehicles. You can also inquire about the last time your chosen vehicle received oil changes and tire replacements.

Reputable companies will usually provide this information upfront. Less reliable brands may try to hide it from you until you ask.

4. What Is Included in the Price of Transportation?

When hiring a chauffeur, don’t forget to ask about pricing. Some companies include gas, amenities, and other services in a bundle. Conversely, others only charge you for individual items based on use.

For example, a limousine service may include complimentary snacks and DVDs in the hourly catch-all rate. However, party bus services may tack on added fees for open drinks or streamed media on a shared screen.

5. Where Can I Find Testimonials and Reviews?

It’s okay to feel skeptical about each company’s claims during your first interaction. Fortunately, you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. Ask a representative where you can find testimonials or reviews from past customers.

These ratings will help you determine if your chosen luxury transportation service is trustworthy. Avoid companies with negative reviews regarding safety, cleanliness, or respect. Hiring a chauffeur from these services may cause you headaches down the line.

Five-star companies are the superior option. Check Google to see reviews that the company may not feature on its website.

6. What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

You may need to cancel your trip last minute due to emergencies or other unexpected situations. Discuss your chauffeur’s cancellation policy to avoid paying fees for a ride you did not receive.

Most companies require customers to give them plenty of notice (typically 48 hours to a week), so they have time to plan other trips. Always read the fine print on any contracts before you sign them.

Trust May’s Limousine for World-Class Black Car Service

Choosing the right car service for your trip doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. At May’s Limousine, we promise to provide excellent communication and outstanding customer service before, during, and after your ride.

We will answer any questions you have and offer the information you need to feel confident about your transportation investment.

Contact May’s Limousine in Atlanta, GA. Learn more about hiring a chauffeur at (404) 566-6114.


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